Successful Mandela Day Sea Point beach clean-up

The Cape Town volunteers joined up with the Clean C beach clean-up organisation for Mandela Day to spend a few hours cleaning up the beach next to Sea Point Pavilion.

There must have been around 70 of us altogether who made the effort, and the beach was most definitely in serious need of it. With Friday night being so wet and windy, and Cape Town's weather so famously unpredictable, many of us were worried that we wouldn't even be able to do anything on Saturday. Fortunately the day turned out to be absolutely perfect for it. Perhaps Madiba had a hand in that? ;)

It was great to work with Clean C and we're all enthusiastic about future opportunities. We've encouraged them to register on Greenwire and post their events here for us to join as well.

Extra thanks go to the Western cape department of solid waste for opening up their drop off facility, and to Plastics SA for providing bags and gloves.


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